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  • Math Basics - Be sure to work through these exercises several times before taking your test. You'll be glad you did.
  • Idiom List - One of the toughest parts of the Sentence Correction questions is knowing what the correct idioms are. Click here for an extensive list of the ones most commonly used on the EA.
  • Tips & Tricks - A grab-bag of all sorts of tips. Heed these and your test will be a lot less painful.
  • FAQ - The most frequently asked questions about the Graduate Management Aptitude Test. Go here first if you're in a quandary or, if you simply don't know what a quandary is.
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Having anxiety over taking the Executive Assessment? If you read this article, you will see that it is a very learnable exam and there is no reason to worry. Implementing this knowledge will unlock your full potential and allow you to go into the preparation with a positive mental state.

Tips Preparing for EA


Decided for the Executive Assessment over the GMAT because of time? Given that there are many similarities between the two exams, there are certain skills that apply to all standardized exams. This article will provide you with the necessary tools to achieve a top score on the EA while efficiently preparing with limited time.

When Should I Take the EA?


Struggling to figure out how you will schedule enough time to take the GMAT? Good news, there is an alternative to the GMAT for many MBA programs in the form of the Executive Assessment. Finding the appropriate date to take the EA will help you feel more confident on test day with a prep schedule that fits into your already busy calendar.